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common nails common nails

NEWS Welcome to Rong Ke Metal
The properties and the application of the common nail
   Common nail categories: common polishing nails, galvanized nails
   English name: common nail
   Material: low carbon steel Q195, Q215, Q235
   Specification: 2 x 25 mm < < 2 ", "1", 2.5 x 50 mm, 3.4 < 2.5 "4 x 75 mm x 65 mm < 3", 4.5 x 100 mm < < 5 "4", 4.5 x 125 mm
   Packing: in plastic bags, outer cartons. 5 kg/box, box/carton; 25 kg/carton in bulk.
   Performance: ductile bending or 90 °, the surface after polishing and electroplating, strong corrosion resistance rust resistance.
   With high grade wire rod production process: garden nail is changed after drawing, and then processed.
   Specifications: 9.52 mm - 88.90 mm
   Product features: flat cap, round bar, diamond, pointed strong, smooth surface, rust.
   Product use: the product is suitable for hard and soft wood, bamboo pieces, ordinary plastic, wall casting, furniture, packaging wooden box, etc. Widely used in construction, decoration, decoration and renovation
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