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Center flange stop valve Center flange stop valve

Hammer diminish noises check valves Hammer diminish noises check valves

Twisted wire Twisted wire

Roofing Nails (Umbrella Nails) Roofing Nails (Umbrella Nails)

Welding Electrodes Welding Electrodes

Rise fall Bottom Valve Rise fall Bottom Valve

Non-Rising Gate Valve Non-Rising Gate Valve

Rising Gate Valve Rising Gate Valve

Ball Valve  Q41F-16 Ball Valve Q41F-16

H41T/W/H/F-16 Lift check valve H41T/W/H/F-16 Lift check valve

Galvanized wire Galvanized wire

Black wire Black wire

Big Coil Galvanized Wire Big Coil Galvanized Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

Cut Wire Cut Wire

Redrawing Wire Redrawing Wire

U Type wire U Type wire

PVC Coated Wire Price PVC Coated Wire Price

Razor Wire Razor Wire

Barbed Wire Barbed Wire

common nails common nails

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The features and working principle of rectifier
Rectifier diode, usually by the electric current is bigger.Diode unidirectional conductivity, can be used to convert alternating current direction changes into a single direction of pulsating direct current.Have high power rectifier and small power rectifier.Withstand voltage and frequency have high low.In terms of principle, the output from the input ac dc rectifier.To the size of the rectifier current (100 ma) as a line is usually called the output current is greater than 100 ma rectifier.Junction, the working frequency is less than KHz, highest reverse voltage from A ~ 25 v to 3000 v points X, A total of 22.Classification is as follows: (1) type 2 cz silicon rectifier diode, (2) silicon bridge rectifier QL type, (3) used for the TV working frequency of high voltage silicon pile of nearly 100 KHZ CLG type 2.
Crystal diode for a p-type and n-type semiconductor semiconductor p-n junction, the space charge layer formed at the interface between the sides, and has a self-built electric field.When there is no applied voltage, because the p-n junction on both sides of carrier concentration difference caused by the diffusion current is equal to the self-built electric drift caused by the current in the electric balance.When the outside world have a forward voltage offset, external electric field and self-built field elimination suppression effect each other to make carrier diffusion current increase caused the forward current.When the outside world have a reverse voltage offset, external electric field and further strengthen, self-built electric field formed within a certain range reverse voltage has nothing to do with the reverse bias voltage value of the reverse saturation current I0.When coupled with reverse voltage high enough, the p-n junction electric field intensity in the space charge layer reaches the critical value of carrier multiplication process, produce a large number of electron hole pair, produced great reverse breakdown current value, called the diode breakdown phenomenon.
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